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Presentation Training
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Blue Neptune provides effective presentation training for people who need to obtain a high level of presentation skills and stand out from the usual standard. We treat presentation training as we do all training - it is designed to be practical and effective for your individual requirements.

Bora Bora

Good presentation skills are not rocket science and don't require you to be a fearless public speaker who enjoys the large audience! Our course will show you how simple things make a huge difference when delivering a presentation.

You will learn presentation skills that will enable you to deliver a great presentation in any context, so that when you stand up and speak:

  • The audience is not bored to tears
  • The audience remembers the most important points you had to make - long after the presentation is over
  • No more "Death by Powerpoint"
  • You make effective presentations that you actually enjoy delivering
  • You don't try to avoid giving presentations in future

Our presentation training is designed show you how the same rules apply no matter what context you are presenting in; conferences, seminars, selling, group meetings etc.

Good presentations are highly effective at communicating all manner of things yet we have all experienced many times presentations that are at best dull and at worst - bore you to tears. The common mistakes we all see regularly include; too many slides, too much use of statistics that no-one bothers with, the presenter speaking badly, or using slides that have far too much detail on them so that even the presenter says "we won't go through all this is detail". There are many more but you get the point!

This course is a practical workshop course where you will get to make several presentations in practise before we finish. We discuss in detail the type of presentations you have to make in your industry and how we can approach them.


  • Duration: One Day
  • Location: On your site or external location as you prefer
  • Cost: Depends on location and numbers.
  • Number of participants: We provide this course on an individual basis or for groups of up to five people max from the same company.

For a small extra cost we can provide you with some follow-up mentoring and advice after the course. What this means in reality is that for example - you can send us the first presentation you have to prepare for real after the course and we'll give you feedback on it. Or we can help you prepare for your next presentation or even practise it with you. This way we can help you take that next step to applying the principles of the course in the real world.


To make a booking or get more information on our Presentation Training course please:

  • e-mail us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • or call on + 353 (0) 86 806 5889
  • or Skype us on blue.neptune