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Phone Skills Training
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Blue Neptune provides telephone skills training that is designed to address a number of specific needs.

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  • Telemarketing and Lead Generation
  • Telesales
  • Customer Support / General Reception Use

There is an entire industry of books and courses to teach people how to sell on the phone and yet it is often still something that salespeople usually hate doing and telemarketing too is often regarded as a unfortunate job someone has to do before graduating onto better things.

The fact is however - in any commercial role throughout your entire career having the ability to work effectively on the phone for sales or marketing is a vital skill.

There are no clever tricks to get past gate keepers or cheesy gimmicks put forward in this course - no hard selling, no BS and we won't require you to do twenty push ups or chant thecompany sales mantra before the start of each day! None of that is necessary and all it does is annoy the person on the other end of the phone anyway.

What our course does is focus on the simple techniques that work very well no matter what context you are in or who you are calling. This course is about getting the specific job you have to do, done well. We focus on each candidates individual needs and the workshop nature of the course ensures you get to practise real life scenarios before you leave.


  • Duration: One Day
  • Location: On your site or external location as you prefer
  • Cost: Depends on location and numbers.
  • Number of participants: We provide this course on an individual basis or for groups of up to five people max from the same company.

For small extra cost we can provide you with some follow-up mentoring and advice after the course. What this means in reality is that for example - we can sit with you at your desk for a half day when you are back at work to see how you apply the content of the course. Alternatively you can call us for advice or an opinion on a call situation where you feel you could have done better. This way we can help you take that next step to applying the principles of the course in the real world


To make a booking or get more information on our Telephone Skills Training course please:

  • e-mail us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • or call on + 353 (0) 86 806 5889
  • or Skype us on blue.neptune