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Online Marketing - Web Site Design & Health Checks

Web site design and health checks are two areas where many customers have approached us looking for help in the last few months. The performance of web sites as a lead generation tool along with the whole area of online marketing, e-mail systems, web site hosting, web site search engine optimisation and Google Ad Words are common requirements that every business has to get working well.

Upgrading your web site from an old system that requires a specialist web design application and the services of a web company, to a modern Content Management System (CMS) is a need for many businesses in the SME sector. Blue Neptune can do this for you quickly and cost effectively.

Web site marketing is essential but many small business owners are not well informed about the technology their site is built on and many more are "locked in" to agreements where their web design company is getting paid to make even the most basic text changes and the owner is utterly reliant on them to manage the search engine visibility of the site.

Unfortunately, some web site design companies are not very ethical and are providing a poor level of service whilst charging high prices to business owners who are not web site tech savvy. Blue Neptune has already helped several small businesses in these situations where a lack of web site technical knowledge is being exploited by web design companies.

Rock Formation

In response to this demand from customers, Blue Neptune has put together a web site health check service that examines following areas:

  • How can your web site perform better as a lead generation tool?
  • How is your site ranking in the search engine - can it be improved and how?
  • Is your site set up in a manner that assists search engine optimisation?
  • Are you paying too much for web site hosting?
  • If you are using Google Ad Words - is it working, or costing you money for no return?
  • Do you want to get away from restrictive agreements with your existing web company?
  • How to have full access and control over your site, so you are free of restrictive arrangements.

The results of this web site health check and performance audit will be presented to you clearly so you can make an informed decision as to what you want to do for the future.

Blue Neptune is acting as your marketing manager and will give you a totally honest appraisal of your site. We can resolve the vast majority of these issues with web sites for you and if there is something we can't do ourselves we partner with an excellent company in the design business called Web Page Design Company, who works with us on projects that require more detailed technical development work.


Web Site Training

After the web site health check has been completed and the site given a SEO "make over" many customers would like to be able to maintain their sites to some extent and Blue Neptune can provide you with a practical session to teach you how your site works and how to manage everyday tasks going forward.

This session is a half day, one to one hand over of your site to train you how to use it, so you will be able to make text changes and perform everyday tasks easily without having to pay for it.

This practical hands-on training covers whatever you want to know, but normally involves:

  • Changing text
  • Adding new content
  • Search Engine Optimisation - how to keep your site search engine visible
  • Google Ad Words - how to set it up and use effectively


For more information on our Web Site Health Check Services or to get a quote please:

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