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Lead Generation Event Management
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Blue Neptune provide a full end to end event management service that includes all aspects of planning, organising and managing a B2B lead generation event. We take care of everything from the invitations, booking the venue, filling the room with qualified prospects and following up the event to gather leads. We specialise in events like low cost breakfast briefings and seminars, through to larger events like participation in industry conferences.

From many years experience of planning and organising business events of all kinds, we know that B2B lead generation events like seminars, breakfast briefings and conferences can be very effective if they are well planned and executed. However, many companies have also found that seminars and conferences can be expensive disappointments if they are not well managed and properly planned by experienced professionals.

Waves crashing on the rocksThe challenge is that in many industries, the use of events as a B2B lead generation tool is so common that there is an enormous amount of events being run.

It is often very difficult to attract reasonable numbers of high calibre decision makers to events due to several factors, including:

  • Vendors have overused this channel to generate leads so many events on that there is simply too much choice and not enough prospects to give every event a good turnout.
  • Unfortunately, the quality of events varies greatly - many people are no longer as keen on going out of their way to attend events as they have been to so many poorly run events. We have all attended events at which the guests were subjected to badly delivered presentations - sometimes nothing more than a full-on sales pitch and often very boring, in rooms that were cramped and far too warm!
  • Events must deliver something useful, otherwise - what's the point in attending? If prospects feel that an event is not going to give them anything that they couldn't get on the Internet nor just by simply inviting the vendor in to pitch the product in person - then they won't bother go to your event.

To make running a seminar beneficial for you from a lead generation perspective, the event must deliver real value to the people who turn up. Like a lot of other things the answer lies in the planning and how much preparation has been put into the event. This is what Blue Neptune brings to the table - we will work with you to ensure that the event is planned thoroughly and will attract the audience you are looking for. As with the social event work we do, we provide a complete end-to-end event management service which includes:

  • Guest Invitations - we manage the design, printing and posting of paper invitations
  • E-mail - we generate and send the e-mail invitations
  • Venue - we manage all aspects of sourcing, booking and working with the venue to ensure the event runs smoothly
  • Content - we can help you to formulate the content to make it most attractive and beneficial
  • Presentations - we can help you prepare and test the presentations for best impact before the event
  • Management of the event on the day - setting up the room, testing AV equipment, registering guests etc
  • Post event feedback - all those who attended will be called or e-mailed to get feedback and also generate leads
  • Post event leads follow up - all those who registered but couldn't attend the event on the day must be followed up for potential leads

For more information on our Lead Generation Event Management services, or to get a quote please:

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