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Galwegians Gone Viral
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There's been two recent viral outbreaks on social media recently of pure Galway that I've been very amused by and indeed proud of. Its not often you hear a perfect west of Ireland accent on social media really. Considering Twitter is an open sewer most of the time, these were little gems of goodness that went viral with great hashtags and really made the world a better place for a few days.

I think this one #sorrymehole is going to be a classic and people will look back fondly in years to come. This is beauty of someone from the west giving out shite and speaking English like it was Irish. A little gem and brought a tear to my eye - cursing in the west is a gift, a skill passed down through the generations as a survival tool and gets quite poetic in the right hands. I've tried to explain to many people that when you're born in Galway you have a licence to curse the way James Bond has a licence to kill, but no-one believes me. I've always known this but it was great to see the reactions of people from everywhere else to this noble display of anger. It even made its way into the Brexit debate at one stage - with someone using #brexitmehole! The beauty of this is that you can substitute anything in place of the word sorry and just carry on to get the same effect. So, there you go - just when I thought hash tags were a waste of time, this happens. There's some hope left in the world after all.

Listen to a pure native Galway accent in all its glory!


As if that wasn't enough, this little gem emerged. This time telling an old joke very very well.