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Happy Christmas
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Here is something I love listening to on the rare occasion I have two minutes to myself. Its the Irish History Podcast. A really excellent Podcast, broadcast by a local Irish historian, Finn Dwyer. Its great for when you want something different and get sick of the radio talk shows, social media and endless shite news etc. Like all Podcasts its free but you can contribute a few bob on Patreon, as I do.

For anyone who is Irish and wants to get a more detailed insight into our history, or for anyone else who's half Irish, or not at all Irish, this is a brilliant and fascinating way to learn why we are the way we are and how it all got here. It starts at pre-Christian times and covers loads of things in great detail - particularly the Norman invasion and the Famine.

I'm learning so much from this its brilliant. So much more detail on the things I knew, or thought I knew well.


Anyway, I really think this type of Podcast is great and I wish this was around when I was in school!


Here it is:


Happy Christmas, and I hope you're well and happy, wherever you are.