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Restoring Leather
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Here's a blatant endorsement of a FANTASTIC product - Rub 'N Restore.


If like me, you have a fondness for leather jackets, leather suites of furniture etc, this is a must have. It allows you to restore / refurbish or re-colour anything made of leather when the colour starts to fade or it gets a bit dry and worn and cracked.

The best part is that its really easy to apply and its not fussy, doesn't stink up the house either. Its a bit of pain importing from the US as you have to pay import duty and VAT on delivery, but its worth it.

Here's a before and after of a leather jacket that had seen better days and I was about to throw it out until this miracle product came along. Only took 30 minutes to transform this relic of auld dacency*  into a nice jacket I can wear in public again!


*That's Galwegian for "a once high quality item from the past"