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The business world has always had a love for jargon and some phrases and words have come in and out of fashion over the years. Each industry has its own unique set of terminologies and for the most part, it’s not a big deal really. You only have to look at the way lawyers and accountants write in emails and official documents to see how these professions have developed their own language.

As someone who writes marketing and sales materials for every type of industry over the years, I am used to seeing different styles of writing and different levels of jargon.

As a rule, though, simple no bullshit language works best for every type of communication.

Most of the time, I work in the IT sector and in recent years there has been a terrifying trend sweeping everything before it, the overuse and inappropriate use of a word you only heard in the science lab or with engineers and carpenters........ Leverage.

It seems the Americans have done to the word Leverage what they have previously done to otherwise normal harmless words like "Awesome" and "Like". The word "Like" is now used on average 400 times per sentence by so many people even in Ireland that it really makes me panic about the future of the human race, never mind the English language.

But back to Leverage. It’s now used to replace a dozen or more words that just aren't cool or business-like anymore. Words like "use" are way too ordinary to be useful to the modern IT sales and marketing types who need to sound clever. A senior sales director recently told me I could leverage him for help in any way. The term leverage and the scientific application of it with the law of the lever, is not appropriate here; but some tosser who wanted to justify his copywriting skills decided to use this word a million times over and now its standard in business speak.

I'm not finished yet!

Another word that is getting overused to the point of making my head hurt is "Architect". Everyone is an Architect now. A technical Architect, a solution Architect etc. However, it doesn't stop there, oh no......

Here's a recent example from a real email I received. I'm using fakes names and paraphrasing the email, but you get the idea: "Mary has architected this document and sent it on to me for our partners".

Seriously, she architected the document, she didn't write it, type it, compile it, prepare it, pull it together etc. No, none of those cut it anymore, she architected it!

For Fucks Sake...Isn’t that unbelievable? In that case, I'm now architecting this rant and I'm leveraging Microsoft Word on my laptop to do it.

Hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to leverage me in any way you can to help you architect a marketing plan for your business!