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Never mind that shit, here comes Mongo!
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In light of the sad passing of the great Gene Wilder, I thought it only appropriate to point out that if you haven't yet seen Blazing Saddles then you must, really.

My third favourite movie of all time, following The Life of Brian and Annie Hall, Blazing Saddles is truly crazy and made it impossible not to laugh at Westerns for another twenty years until Unforgiven came along and a new type of Western was born.

Blazing Saddles held a blow torch to all the sacred cows of American culture and the history of the wild west, the native Indians, racism and homophobia. It did all this in a brutal, crazy and hilarious way. It didn't hold back and the satire of the film is just so funny, its easy for stupid people to miss the point that its making fun of racism, not condoning it.

Anyway, watch this movie and see Gene Wilder in one of his great roles, although a supporting one. Obviously, everyone knows him from the peerless Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but pretty much everyone knows that film very well, so I thought I'd bring up Blazing Saddles. Many of its best lines have made it onto t-shirts and my sister and I still quote this film to each other on a regular basis. This movie can cheer you up no matter what happens.

Two of my favourite moments: