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Google's abuse of power
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Here is a link to a feature article written in

“Google capitalises on pain, greed and need” – SEO expert on the erosion of organic search results

It deals with an issue we are coming up against all the time. Basically Google is squeezing the life out of native search and forcing businesses to use Ad Words as there is so little room on the home search page anymore, that there's often only a third of the page left for organic SEO results. Depending on what screen resolution you have etc, sometimes you can't see any native search results at all without scrolling down the page. This makes the challenge of appearing on page 1 of the Google search (the holy grail for everyone) reaching ridiculous levels. If that wasn't enough, the good people at Google like to change how they rank sites on a regular basis to keep everyone struggling with native SEO results. The quick way around it of course is.... use Ad Words.

Ad Words is still good, but not a fraction of how useful it once was. The cost of it is getting higher as more people throw money at it to compensate for the fact that native SEO is getting so difficult to get a result from. Anytime Google call you to advise you that your Ad Words campaign could be doing so much better with just a few little tweaks - results in, you guessed it, more money spent on Ad Words, happy days for Google.

As this article outlines in detail, Google is really starting to abuse their power and all dominant position on the internet, not strictly a monopoly but near enough as makes any difference.

I know I sound like a grumpy old man, but this is really getting beyond a joke. Where is the next exciting internet start up that's going to do to Google what they did to Yahoo and Alta Vista? Mind you, since Microsoft failed to knock them off their perch, maybe its too late for that. In the meantime we all have to just accept that Google rules the internet.