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B2B Lead Generation

Blue Neptune provides a range of B2B lead generation services that are designed to generate sales leads in the fastest, most cost effective way. We provide lead generation services either as a once off project, or on a regular consistent basis. Our lead generation services can incorporate any or one of the following: telemarketing, direct mail, web marketing like search engine optimisation and Google Ad Words and business events.

Our goal is to help you create a system for lead generation that is an active part of your marketing / business plan and is carried out on a regular basis so you can benefit from all the medium to long term opportunities you find; not just the short term leads.

Shells on beachThe main activities we use to generate leads are:

  • Web marketing - Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ad Words
  • E-mail Marketing - we can set and also administer a regular e-mail communication to your customers and prospects. This can be a monthly, quarterly etc.
  • Telemarketing - any kind of business to business lead generation, carried out by highly experienced personnel.
  • Events - we can plan and run any kind of business lead generation event you wish to hold. These can be breakfast seminars or conferences, webinars etc. The entire event campaign is run by us as an end to end lead generation activity so all you have to do is be there with your sales team to meet your customers and target prospects.
  • Direct Mail - traditional direct mail still can very effective for lead generation - but we would not advocate using it in isolation. It is very effective when used with other tools like telemarketing, events and advertising.

Having a system in place that generates short term leads, whilst also being able to nurture and track longer term opportunities is the ideal way to run lead generation activity. Blue Neptune can run your lead generation system for you - or set up a system for you to run yourself; it depends on what you see as being the best model for your business.

We strongly advocate that you treat lead generation as an integral part of your marketing activity and keep a steady consistent effort going. Too often, business to business lead generation activity is treated as an occasional project when the pipeline is sluggish. Then when the leads situation has improved and the pipeline is in better shape, lead generation activity is not a priority any more and all the medium to longer term leads are often neglected and opportunities are lost as a result.

The very best results are achieved when all these activities are carried out together as part of an integrated marketing campaign, however if that's not possible we can still generate leads for you using any of the individual activities mentioned above.

Your Own Lead Generation System

Although there are many benefits to getting an external company like Blue Neptune to carry out lead generation activity for you - it may not be the ideal way for you to run lead generation for your business in the long term. If you feel you would get value from doing your lead generation in-house, then we can show you how to put a very simple, cost effective solution in place that will enable you to run your own highly productive lead generation system. We provide consultancy in this area and also will implement a system for you if required. We can hire and train lead generation staff if required.


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