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Why Blue Neptune?
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Blue Neptune is a marketing services company that was established to help small and medium sized businesses to prosper, regardless of your industry.

What Blue Neptune does is act as your Marketing Manager "on demand". You pay to have highly experienced, top level marketing expertise at your disposal when you need it, and when you don't need us - you have no cost. Whether you hire us to deliver a once-off project or to work on a consistent basis is entirely up to you as your needs change.


Through our extensive in-house expertise and a network of business partners in specific areas, Blue Neptune can offer a comprehensive range of marketing and training services, designed with the needs of Irish SMEs in mind.

The existing specialist agencies in their respective areas like design, printing, web marketing, lead generation agencies, research, PR, advertising agencies etc are all providing a point solution to address a particular requirement, but none are providing the service that your own marketing manager would; pull it all together in a meaningful integrated way which gets results.

Our key points to note are:

  • Eighteen years marketing and business development experience at Executive, Manager and Director level
  • High tech industry specialist
  • Tailored solutions to suit all size of business and budgets
  • Focus on quantifiable results
  • Strong network of partners to provide easy access to additional skills when needed


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Skype: Blue.Neptune

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